October 4, 2023

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

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43 Percent of Voters View Display of Confederate Flag as ‘Southern Pride’

A Breitbart News article from the summer of 2020 shows that 43 percent of voters view the display of the REBEL or confederate flag to be just as it should be Southern Pride. If you are from the south I am certain you feel the same way. At USPatriotFlags we strive to keep southern heritage alive.

President Trump feels the same way. “I just think it’s freedom of speech, whether it’s freedom of speech, whether it’s Confederate flags or Black Lives Matter or anything else you want to talk about. It’s freedom of speech,” President Trump explained during the interview with CBS News on July 14.

The poll surveyed 1991 registered voters and concluded that 43 percent had the viewpoint of the confederate navy jack being simply Southern Heritage.

Recently Ultimate Flags LLC’s site on shopify www.USPatriotflags.com was censured and the confederate naval jack image was forcibly removed from the site by the legal department. Shopify is also know for taking down Trump sites and removing breast cancer awareness flags. 


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