October 4, 2023

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

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Texan Dies In Israel Fighting Hamas Terrorism

How much can one man give for the country and ideals he cherishes?   Sean Carmeli was a Texas-born man who had a dual citizenship with Israel. This afforded him the opportunity to take his Texas love for freedom with him to join the Israel Defense Forces where the quickly rose to the rank of Sargent. Sgt Carmeli said he was personally dedicated  to help “strengthen, unite, and define what it means to be a Jew today.”  He also knew that to fight tyranny, you often have to seek it out where it lives. Tragically, on July 20th, he was killed in a clash with Hamas terrorists.  Sgt Carmeli was a man who fought to protect the freedom for both his birth country and his adopted country of Israel. As an American fighting a common foe in the Middle East  in defense of freedom,  he has earned the Price of Freedom Award.   What do you think about  Sgt Carmeli’s actions? Let us know in the comments.