August 14, 2021

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

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Stray Cat Helps Veteran to Overcome Internal Struggle

Sgt. Jesse Knott is a military veteran who was stationed in Germany for his tour. In Germany, he found a stray cat he named Koshka, who had been mistreated and abused. Sgt. Knott took him under his wing and nursed him back to health. While in Germany, Sgt. Knott lost the lives of 2 soldiers under his command. Following the event, Jacob was wracked with guilt; he lost faith in his ability to win, to accomplish anything. Koshka, being a playful cat, would never allow Knott to dwell on his feelings of helplessness for long, interrupting him in order to be scratched or played with. Eventually, Sgt. Knott realized that he could make a difference, whether it be on the battlefield or in the life of one cat; now Knott had a purpose in his life, a drive, all thanks to Koshka.

Tell Sgt. Knott and Koshka what you think about their perseverance and service for the country.