February 25, 2024

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

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Why Liberals Hate Flags

Only liberals ever propose the use of government force to ban a flag.

It’s amazing how the freedom of speech is becoming more and more limited based on whether the listener agrees with the speech.

It’s now noted that tolerance is only a virtue if it is tolerance of depraved, degraded, or indigent behavior. Just try preaching tolerance for the ideas of personal responsibility and freedom. You’ll immediately be labeled as intolerant, uncaring, and perhaps evil.

George Orwell, in his book “1984,” pointed out that a tyrant’s best trick is the redefining and corrupting of words and symbols to rob a people of their identity. If you successfully redefine a symbol then you redefine those who identify with it.

Thus we find the left more obsessed with attacking symbols, such as flags, than contributing actual ideas. In history, flags have been a handy tool for groups of people to identify themselves. Traditionally, someone waves a flag to show support for the idea or the definition behind that symbol. These symbols make irresistible targets for progressives who find the ideas of their opposition to be a barrier to their own agenda.

Several years ago, the conservative Tea Party identified their grass-roots, leaderless campaign by adopting the Gadsden”Don’t Tread on Me” flag. The Gadsden flag is known for its connection to the foundation of liberty and personal freedom in America and is arguably the founding flag of our republic. Still, the liberals quickly moved to vilify and smear the people and their symbol with low-brow names, like “tea baggers.” They were desperate to redefine this movement (and thus silence its ideas) before it could gain traction. To a degree, they succeeded.

The most recent attack is on the Confederate flag which largely identifies the general southeast region of the USA. It’s no coincidence that this happens to be the most conservative region of the country and consequently the hardest area for progressive liberals to penetrate with their backwards, permissive, and self-serving philosophies. Apparently it’s now time for them to try and redefine the South to make it more pliable to their domination.

Liberals Can’t Tolerate Diversity

Flags do not persuade, they simply show identity. When you identify two things as different from each other, there is often the habit to label one as better than the other. Liberals have an irrational need for all things to be the same or at least identical to their particular way of thinking. So, when something gets identified as different, to them this means there is an inequality and thus some form of unacceptable discrimination.

To say that something or someone is different from another begs the questions, “What is different?” and “Is it better or worse?” In reality, different doesn’t necessarily signify something’s better or worse — it’s simply not the same. Liberals can’t wrap their brains around the idea that something could be different but still valid. So, for them, any flag that symbolizes diversity (outside of their own brand of accepted diversity) has to go.

Don’t try to understand it. That implies there is a reasonable thought process behind it. With flag haters, there is no such thought — just emotion and the gnashing of teeth to flatten out every interesting difference between people.

So when it comes to arguing with a liberal about the Confederate flag, I say skip it and just keep waving it. I also like to recall the advice of Mark Twain:

“Never argue with idiots. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

– Mark Twain

John Nesbit