July 20, 2024

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

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EEOC to Gadsden Flag Lovers: Shut Up or Face Costly Lawsuits

This was very interesting. In my opinion this flag a representation of segregation yet also that can in fact spark biases and conflict as it seems it already has. I understand the aspect that each person has the right to freedom of speech yet their are limits in regards to what is considered acceptable and what can spark the match to war and or civil disobedience. In the work place this distinction can cause a multitude of problems. In regards to the legality of this issue it is hard to say. I believe that while freedom of speech and expression is rights that our country stands upon. There are limits when it comes to the overall opinion of the masses.

Key Takeaways:

  • The EEOC reversed a decision about a postal employee wearing a “don’t tread on me,’ hat – the USPS dismissed the case of someone claiming harassment due to their co-worker wearing the hat.
  • The author of this article feels that the EEOC has no basis in demanding the investigation in to it; as they do not feel the case was made that the hat created an environment that was “severe or pervasive.”
  • The EEOC (in this author’s view) does not have the authority/jurisdiction to investigate the case as it only has jurisdiction in a manner that says it can investigate discrimination but not racist speech.

“Under campus “hostile environment” harassment codes, students have been subjected to disciplinary proceedings, in violation of the First Amendment, merely for expressing commonplace opinions about sexual and racial issues, such as criticizing feminism or affirmative action.”