June 18, 2024

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

presented by US Patriot Flags

The Public Pulse: Don’t whitewash our history

Many people do not want history sanitized even if that is more comfortable. They believe ignoring the negative parts can be bad for us. History which is ignored can more easily be repeated. It’s important to view the bad things in context but not to ignore them altogether. This goes for Confederate monuments and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • One should be open minded as to the varying views on the removal of Confederate monuments, believe that both sides of the argument have merit.
  • Just like Holocaust reminders exist, perhaps Confederate monuments are a reminder of our history and what to avoid.
  • Sometimes, symbols that may be offensive are critical in explaining history as is the case of a Confederate raid into Iowa, explaining the presence of the Confederate flag in Iowa.

“Why haven’t Jews demanded that Nazi extermination camps be razed? The short answer is so that future generations will have camps such as these to serve as a testament to history.”