July 14, 2024

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

presented by US Patriot Flags

“Halt! Halt! Halt! and bang! went his gun”

That photo is of David Eammons Johnston, only 17 when he joined up with Company D of the Virginia Seventh Regiment.

After the war, Johnston wrote a book. He explains:

“The chief motive which inspires this undertaking is to give some meager idea of the Confederate soldier in the ranks, and of his individual deeds of heroism, particularly of that patriotic, self-sacrificing, brave company of men with whose fortunes and destiny my own were linked for four long years of blood and carnage, and to whom during that period I was bound by ties stronger than hooks of steel; whose confidence and friendship I fully shared, and as fully reciprocated”

In future posts I will write of some of those “deeds of heroism.” Today, though, here is one that may amuse you.

“Again we were on picket, Crawford on outpost, with instructions to keep a sharp lookout, as the enemy was near, but not to shoot without calling “halt” the usual three times, and if no halt made, to shoot.

“Shortly after Crawford took post, his cries of “Halt! Halt! Halt!” were heard, and bang! went his gun.

“The corporal ran to see what was the matter: he found Crawford standing quietly at his post as if nothing had happened.”

Well, it seems as if a “stray fat hog had wandered to the post and had not halted at Crawford’s command.”

Crawford explained to the Corporal:  “I obeyed orders.”

There was nothing for it except to roast the hog and have a feast. So they did.