May 27, 2024

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“Keep NYC Trash Free,” Signs in New York City Say about Socially Conservative Trump Supporters

Are these signs trash or treasure? Commuters all throughout New York City wondered that last week about posters that popped up all around the city bearing the slogan “Keep NYC Trash Free” and depicting MAGA hat wearing, Bible carrying, and other conservative signifying characteristics white people. These posters have the NYC Sanitation logo but their official placers are a mystery after the department officially denied their involvement.

Key Takeaways:

  • When the NYC Sanitations Department got wind of these posters boasting their logo they made a public statement denying that thee politically charged graphics came from them
  • PIX noted that they do not know who is responsible for creating the posters, but they have removed several of them so far
  • Some people have noticed the posters’ uncanny resemblance to Winston Tseng “Your Train Is Delayed” parody poster that was posted in New York City subway stations

““I’d just want the intended audience of my fellow ‘classist elitist New Yorkers’ to hopefully be entertained by the ‘unhelpful, tone-deaf message’ as they go about their day in this trash filled liberal bubble.” Photo courtesy: Paulo Silva/Unsplash”