June 18, 2024

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

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Another High School bans “Confederate Flag”

School Officials Say Ban Was Needed To Create Safe Learning Environment, Prevent Future Incidents

TOMAH WI – The associated press reported that Tomah Wisconsin Scewl (sic) Board, government indoctrination center voted to ban the “Confederate flag”.

Apparently the board not being well versed in the history of the flags of the Confederate States of America failed to define which confederate flag was banned. There was mention of which other flags would be banned.

Tomah joins seven other schools in the Mississippi Valley Conference in banning the Confederate flag.

The Tomah School Board voted unanimously to approve the ban during a special meeting Monday.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports Tomah School Superintendent Cindy Zahrte says the matter was brought before the school board after several incidents at the high school, including someone letting the air out of a student’s tires in connection with the flag. School officials did not provide more details. Apparently letting the air from ones tires is very troubling to Wisconsinites.

A community member and a high school student spoke against the ban during the board meeting, saying the move would limit students’ right to free speech.

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