April 24, 2024

Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

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Can anyone have a civil conversation about Silent Sam? A UNC student and a Confederate son …

What happens when two adults with completely conflicting views of racism in American get together and have a discussion? A lesson in civil discourse, this article allows for the rare opportunity to observe two individuals with strong opinions , a college student and a confederate son as they partake in a complicated discourse of our nations intricate racial history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Is it even possible for people on either side of the Silent Sam debate to have a civil conversation? At The News & Observer, we wanted to find out.
  • His advice to anyone involved in a similar conversation about any controversial topic: “Get very good at patience and active listening.”
  • But here, there were no threats, no shouted expletives, no angry walk-out. Just a long talk, a handshake and plans to share a cold beer. Someday.

“The debate has roiled through the year. Photos, videos, social media and news reports contained the same themes and images: chanting, screaming, in-your-face confrontations — punctuated by fights, pepper spray and arrests.”